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Herron and Associates, LLC

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Vice President 

Dynamic Designs

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Maple Ridge Farms

Bruce Brzeczkowski

Board Member 

Dynamic Designs

Mandy Faller

Executive Director

Promotional Products Association of Wisconsin

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Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work - Vince Lombardi

Our Story

We are a professional organization in the Promotional Products-Advertising Specialties industry that provides our members with regionally focused professional development and social opportunities.

Founded in 1988, we are one of 28 regional associations in the United States and Puerto Rico that encourage professional synergism and social camaraderie among our distributor and supplier members. Our efforts are devoted to promoting activities that strengthen and empower our members by offering a range of business and educational opportunities.

Business Support

Together we form a community that understands your business, supports you, and helps you succeed.

Knowledge Sharing

Lunch and Learns, Webinars, and opinion pieces with industry experts all add to continual development within a knowledge-sharing community.


PPAW is proudly a part of the PPAI Regional Affiliate Program which not only supports us, but provides discounts to you for products you already use. Learn more.

Our Members

You are key to our organization. Thank you for your support!

Past Presidents 

Mike Savio - 2016  Paul C. Rizzo - 2001 
Jill Kindler - 2015 Paul C. Rizzo - 2000 
Don Kenner - 2014  Bill Hess - 1999 
Don Kenner - 2013  Bill Hess - 1998 
Don Kenner - 2012  Max J. Meindl - 1997 
Rebecca Kollmann - 2011  Mary Lynn Downey - 1996
Jill Kindler - 2010  Mary Lynn Downey - 1995 
Joe Salaja - 2009  John Roever  – 1994
Luke Hensler - 2008  Jerry Tranchita  – 1993
Garth Huettl - 2007  Jim Ford, MAS  – 1992
Lew Heckman - 2006  John Seidler, CAS  – 1991
Tom Jamieson - 2005  Dave Andrae  – 1990
Carl Deutsch - 2004  Walter O’Neill  – 1989
Rod French, MAS - 2002  Max J. Meindl, CAS  – 1988