1. Make a Meaningful Connection
    • Don’t just tell them they need a product because its ‘cool’ or it’s the best price out there.  Tell a story behind the item and give examples.  People today like making connections no matter if its organizations, places, animals or products.  Give them a reason outside the direct features of the item on why they need this product over any others.
  2. FOMO
    • Fear Of Missing Out. No one wants to be the person standing on the side realizing they are out of the loop.  Create that idea in the consumer’s minds.  They will be missing out if they don’t get in on the new products. This can also be done through your own marketing online or in emails. Post pictures and videos of people enjoying the product.
  3. Think Outside the Box
    • Today, people are holding and/or participating in events for everything! Reach out and be a part of it.  A lot of times new organizations, non-profits, small businesses, etc. don’t know where to start when it comes to promo products.  Be that open door and extend a hand.  Reach out to the local pub putting on a bar crawl that needs cups and lanyards or the new cross-fit gym that is putting a team for the Spartan race and needs shirts, socks, and headbands.  You never know what could come from the start of something small!
  4. Educate
    • If a customer is looking for something specific – educate them on the options. Don’t just sell them an item and not give any further details.  Teaching the product benefits will help with future sales or spark new projects that may have not been thought of before.  From discussion, comes the exchange of ideas and may expand the ideas the customer had and take the sale in new directions.
  5. Have Fun!
    • This may be an obvious one, but have fun! What we do is exciting and different almost every day.  If you give off positive energy, you will receive it back.  Enjoy getting up in the morning and doing what you do!

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