Evaluating Promotional Products

It’s amazing to me just how ubiquitous branded merchandise is. The sheer volume and diversity of products really illustrates how influential we as Promotional Products professionals are. If we are doing our jobs properly, we are promoting brand awareness at its most tangible level.

Before I started in the Promotional Products industry, I never gave a second thought to how a logoed product was produced or distributed. Nor did I particularly notice branded products, except maybe those concert t-shirts from my favorite bands. Once in the industry, I noticed branded items everywhere and took special care to evaluate their effectiveness:

  • Does the item appeal to the brand’s targeted audience?
  • How useful is the item? Will it be kept or thrown away?
  • How attactive is the item? Does it fit into a popular product category?
  • Is the item on-message for the brand?
  • Is the item cost a good value per impression?

A successful promotional product should be attractive, useful and give a favorable impression of the advertiser. In addition, there is an added value to a promotional product since it is less expensive per impression than most other forms of advertising. As professionals in this industry, it is important we convey and act on these points when recommending products to clients. We need to prove our worth as true partners in their advertising and marketing campaigns.


Christine Seghers

Vice President

Merchandising and Purchasing

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